10:30am HVF
4:00pm Restorative


6:00am HVF
9:30am HVF
1:30pm Level One
6:00pm HVF


6:00am HVF
9:30am Prayla
1:30 pm Guided Meditation
6:00pm HVF


6:00am HVF
9:30am HVF
1:30pm Level One
6:00pm HVF


6:00am HVF
9:30am Prayala
1:30pm Flow & Release
6:00pm HVF


6:00am HVF
9:30am HVF
4:30pm HHOP


9:30am HVF
12:00pm Level One

Hot Vinyasa Flow
Hot Vinyasa Flow (HVF) is a beautiful, heated, continuous flow. The yoga poses are linked with the students breath and movement. This practice is led by unique, educated individuals. This means this class varies from instructor to instructor. The room will be heated, 92 degrees to 100 degrees. The heating system draws the air from outside inside, creating a fresh environment. The humidity in the space will be present, making the heat a wet heat. Remember every teacher’s style is different. Students can always receive a insightful yoga practice. Space Yoga Studio always creates a healthy, all-inclusive, safe environment. HVF group class is available for any level practitioner. Options and modifications during class will be given. This class is a 60-75 minute class, and the use of props, supplied by the studio, may be implemented.

Level One
Space Yoga Studio’s Level One group class is not limited to beginners but it is a great place to learn and grow your yoga practice. In this non-heated class, slower movement will happen. Yoga teachers will break down certain postures and explore different areas of the body. Like the student, every yoga teacher is unique. This will translate into the class. Options and modifications during this class will be given, to better accommodate everyone’s individual practice. Level One is a 60 minute class. Space Yoga Studio will provide the necessary props, if needed, for the class.

Flow & Release
Flow & Release is a non heated, 60 minute class. The first half of the class will include gentle stretching, flowing the movement slowly from one mindful movement to the next. The last half of the class will be ultra relaxing. Yin based postures and a long savasana, will leave you feeling refreshed. This class is the best of both worlds, yin and yang. A perfect way to end your day.

Warm Yin Yoga
This slow-moving, warm class targets connective tissue through seated and lying postures held for long periods of times with the use of props; blocks, straps and blankets. Yin compliments the more active classes offered at SPACE Yoga Studio, by increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This practice is perfect for all levels and is the perfect antidote to a busy and/or active life.

Guided Meditation
Want to deepen your non-physical practice? Need to unwind? This class is a like savasana for 60 minutes. This class will vary depending on the style/type of guided meditation being led by a skilled, loving yoga teacher. Guided imagery, yoga nidra, breath techniques, and sound healing may all be included in this deeply healing practice. Space Yoga Studio offers and encourages the students to use the many different props available for this class. Students may always bring their own, but blankets, bolsters, eye pillows and sand bags are available. Students are also encouraged to bring any sacred items from home or journal for afterward. 

Strength & Alignment

Strength and alignment, a heated class that focuses on strengthening to stretch with a slow pace to allow for deep inner connecting. In this setting we will dive into fitness, philosophy, and physics. 


Pralaya aims to improve overall health of the body, freeing it of stressor chemicals and improving electrical conductivity. Exercises bring about muscular balance so to properly align bones and support the joints, while boosting energy. Beginners to advanced practitioners welcomed.


Hot Hour of Power fuses Power Yoga, Tabata and HIIT intervals in an intense hour of fun and effective work. Join your friends for this incredible challenge every week! You'll be ready to take on the weekend.


Give yourself the gift of deep peace with this restorative and yoga nidra practice. In the first half of this class, we explore breathing exercises in reclined, prop-supported postures. The latter part is devoted to a guided yoga nidra meditation, also known as yogic sleep, that will put you in a space between waking and dreaming. Influenced by the yogic tradition, this class will open you up to a state of illuminated relaxation.

Props: bolster, blocks, blanket, eye pillow