Studio A

Studio A.jpg

All group yoga and meditation classes are held in Studio A. Studio A is lovingly referred to as SPACE Yoga Studio’s padded little cave. The floors are made from sturdy pads for the enjoyment of your joints while practicing. The space may be heated or simply warm, with three overhead fans to help circulation. The heating system pulls the outside air into the space, where the humidity and temperature is regulated. The wall length mirror helps students stay focused on themselves and their alignment.  Hue Philips lights create a soft beautiful environment. Depending on the instructor music may be played overhead.

Studio B


Space Yoga Studio has two spaces to practice yoga and meditation. The front studio offers natural lighting, mirror wall and bamboo floors. Studio B may be reserved in one hour blocks of time for personal yoga practice. Clients may schedule online on MINDBODY. Clients must sign a waiver before practice. Only four humans allowed in one hour period.  The use of the props located in Studio B are available. When Studio B is not in use, clients may use this space for meditation. It is recommended to wear headphones to aid in the external noise and distraction as you dive deeper within yourself. There is no charge for using Studio B for meditation practice. It is also highly recommended to reserve your personal practice times online using MINDBODY to ensure your time in space.