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Clare Costello

Clare's yoga journey began in attempt to find grounding and balance that her life lacked. She received her 200 hour RYT training from Rocky Heron of YogaMaze. She has studied with Robert Boustany, Natalia Callard and Catie Coon, amongst others. Clare is soon to embark upon several hundred hours of teacher training with Boustany in order to increase her knowledge and practice of his Pralaya methodology. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Health and Exercise Science degree and gained a much deeper understanding of anatomical alignment and physiology. She was a high level gymnast in her youth and has always felt naturally well-oriented in space. Her classes are slow and meditative, allowing time to properly align and breathe. She has studied Asian and yogic philosophy both in school and in her free time, so one can count on integration of these in her classes. Clare is a musician, which is also a major part of her yoga practice and spiritually-driven life.

Cory Punto

Cory began teaching in 2010 with a certification from YogaFit Training Systems. In 2015, she completed her 200 hr track with Yoga Mazé. She is set to complete a 500 hr certification, with her final hours obtained from the Prajna Yoga School.  

Practice discussions will center around alignment and engagement of anatomy, and mobility through balanced strength. All are welcome and can expect to be guided with compassion and encouragement at any level of experience.

Aside from Yoga, Cory is passionate about education, family, design, and the wonders of the natural world.

Jade Arellano

As a former long distance runner, Jade initially found yoga to increase core strength and mile per minute. What unfolded was something much deeper than strong abs and cutting a few minutes off her race time. Her yoga practice has evolved over the decade she has been implementing it into her daily life, and she has found that yoga is not always a physical practice and it doesn’t always happen inside of a studio. She does prefer her asana practice to occur in a heated room, and prefers standing to inverting. Her favorite part about teaching is making her students laugh.

Born in Tucson and raised in Albuquerque, Jade calls herself a displaced desert dweller. And while she misses the cactus and the dry air, her love for Oklahoma and it’s yoga community is strong. She is currently raising two small humans with her husband. She is also the Founder and Herbalist at Prairie Bloom Botanicals, and Clinical Nutritionist at Wellness Speaks. She co-hosts the Wellness Speaks Podcast as well, and enjoys finding little known gems of fun in small towns in Oklahoma. Some of her favorites are the Endangered Ark Foundation, an elephant rescue in Hugo, OK and digging for crystals in the Great Salt Plain Wildlife refuge near Jet, OK. She can also be found catching up on the latest functional medicine research and self-experimenting with optimal health techniques.

James Seagraves

After a close friend kindly nagged him into trying a yoga class, James found a passion in yoga that changed his life. Coming from a background of competitive sports, yoga had a tremendous impact on his body and mind. James has been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout Texas getting to try multiple teachers and styles of yoga. Dwell yoga in Las Cruces, NM feels like a home away from home.

In November of 2017, James completed his RYT-200hr certification through YogaWorks with Jeanmarie Paolillo. James has attended weekend Iyengar workshops with senior instructors George Purvis, Eddy Marks and Mary Obendorfer, Lois Steinberg, and Randy Just. Advanced Anusara studies with Charly Pivert has also shaped James' understanding of yoga and teaching. Recently, James began introductory Iyengar teacher training with Randy Just at the B.K.S. Iyengar Studio of Dallas, TX. Furthermore, James is looking forward to expanding his knowledge of Yin yoga with Bernie Clark this May with a 50 hour intensive. Local teachers that have shaped his practice are Tiffany Porte, Desirae Penton, Cindy Espinosa, and Lisa Woodard. James teaches movement with breath with a focus on alignment...even corridor yoga.

Jenilyn Faith Spates

Jenilyn has been in love with yoga since 2006 when her practice first began. Yoga is different than any other type of workout because it is designed to improve every single system of the body.  Jenilyn loves to help ease people into their own practice in a way that serves the bio individuality of each unique person. Jenilyn has been practicing massage therapy since 2003 and her knowledge of the human body and love for yoga philosophy have shaped her slow, meditative, anatomy focused teaching methods.  Jenilyn offers private or group lessons as well as combination yoga and massage packages. You can find her teaching around the world or at home under a pile of cats.

Jennie Pletsch

My teaching focus is in asana movement with body alignment and individual anatomy in mind. I love to teach breath based flow in order to create a meditative space for the mind. I live to teach about the fact that our skeletal structures vary from person to person and the way each of us moves through our yoga practice can vary wildly to in order to macimize longevity of our practice without injury or in order to learn to work with our past injuries and while promoting optimum joint health! I invite my students to feel their body and decide what is best for them as I offer many options to feel pose variations out in their bodies. I also love to lead students in the deeper level informed use of pranayama, mudras, and guided meditations when and if they desire to explore these areas of yogic practice!

Lindsay Burkhart

Lindsay is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Herbal Alchemist and Certified Personal Trainer. She has studied movement her whole life, using movement as meditation came naturally and was incorporated into her daily practices at a young age. She fell in love with yoga after years of intense, high risk sports and was immediately drawn to the practice of linking movement with breath. Consistent practice has brought transformation to her body, soul, and most noticeably, her mind. She loves the way yoga brings stillness and peace to her inner Self and awareness to her daily experiences.

Lindsay’s passion for living a life of her highest potential inspires her to remain a humble student with a deep commitment to personal growth.

Her classes are influenced by her background in dance and fitness, and inspired by a state of moving meditation. She uses repetitive, creative sequencing with room to play and experiment, encouraging you to move through edges into endless possibility.

Private sessions with Lindsay can include postural assessment, personalized asana sequences and alignment, meditation and pranayama guidance, energy work and Thai massage.

Monica Godsey

Monica began her yoga journey in late 1999, studying Hatha-style yoga with author and yogi, Kimberly Byer-Nelson. Initially, yoga felt like a way to unify her background in dance and various other aspects of athletics and physical fitness. Through the years, yoga has become a place of comfort and challenge, continually offering new places to go and new elements of practice both on, and off the mat. Monica will complete her 200 hour RYT in April, and looks forward to sharing a healing and strengthening practice of yoga, while growing with students. 

Nikki Martin

Nikki began practicing in 2008 and started teaching in 2013. A dedicated practitioner and student in the yoga community, Nikki has attended several workshops and extensive trainings with amazing teachers, currently working on her 500ryt. Nikki’s teaching style is optimistically refreshing and connective, she has a passion and deep respect for yoga. Utilizing her knowledge, has led her to more in depth breakdowns to help students understand the movements of their bodies and the path to allow seeds to be planted.